Daily Program

Here at Purrever Cattery, we understand that your cat has his or her own individual preferences when it comes to meal time. During their stay with us, each cat will get their own customised meal plan. We have a wide variety of foods to satisfy even the fussiest of felines. Special dietary requirements such as veterinarian prescriptions are also catered for.

If your cat is on any medication, you will need to bring enough for the duration of your cats stay with us.  It is also helpful if you write down the dose and the frequency of the medication.

The morning wakeup call comes as we give all pens a thorough cleaning.  Breakfast is then served with a chat and a cuddle.  After breakfast, we come around with a brush for some grooming time and some extra cuddles!

Throughout the day, our guests love to snooze the day away either curled up with a blanket in their cozy igloo, or, they may prefer to stretch out and enjoy the sunshine.

Between 5pm and 6pm, we come around with the dinner trolley.  Dinner, of course, comes with extra cuddles!

When you come in, we will take all of your cats’ details.  We will need to know all about your cat.  What do they like to eat, do they enjoy a nice brush? Do they love cuddles?  Or perhaps some extra play time?

If they have some favourite toys, or a special blanket that they like for their bed, you can bring these in with your cat.  These familiar things will help your cat settle in and enjoy their stay with us.

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